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Candid photo of the London Beat Club


London Beat Club is a 7-piece melodious funk/soul/rock/rap band from London, UK.

Multinational musicians hailing from Sri Lanka, Argentina, Ireland, France and good ol’ Blighty bring an exciting mix of influences.

Their high energy songs about love, lust, partying, heartbreak and social issues are all capped off with a dose of fun and cheekiness.

They’re preparing an album release following their three debut singles Mellow Cruz, Oh My and Last Night.

London Beat Club are always a knockout, especially with the Camden locals. A top band with their magical twist of funk/soul and trip hop!
Zaid Joseph / Zarathustra’s Live

London Beat Club are a group of highly accomplished musicians who deliver a feel good set list with infectious enthusiasm and authenticity. A fantastic live band, guaranteed to please the audience and get their feet tapping.

Patrick McCarthy / Biddle Bros

Jazzy, funky, melodious, warm; reminds you of a 1940's film. Animated, adaptable and personal... very cultural!

Nick Davis / Well street and Stoke Newington festivals

London Beat Club - you either love them or LOVE them. The band is full of surprises. Great sound & unique style just to name a few qualities!   

Erika / Luna Lounge

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